Seament: An Industry Leader

As you now know, Seament is a company that began in the 1950’s and offers cementitious goods and services to clients all around the world. The company was founded by Alexander F. Bouri and is still owned and operated by Alex and his family.

The company is known for their expertise in manufacturing and shipping cement and other bulk materials. Seament is single-handedly responsible for the materialization and use of floating terminals, which makes it possible to deliver building materials even to countries without ample ports. This has helped many countries in crisis re-establish their ability to industrialize. Due to their innovations, consistency, and quality, Seament is now the highest-ranked independent cement group in the world.

They perform a number of quality services:

Cement Manufacturing

Manufacturing quality cement products is a specialty of Seament. They offer many different mix designs to satisfy many different types of clients, and a number of their products are both CE and ISO certified. They also create custom cement mixes at the customer’s request, which contributes to the reason that this group is so highly regarded in its industry.

Floating Cement Terminals

A major issue for countries like Nigeria was the fact that they needed to industrialize, but because their ports were not large enough to facilitate the import of bulk materials, their endeavors were hindered. Seament created the floating cement terminal as a solution to this issue, which helped to bring countries like Nigeria out of their cement crisis. In fact, this innovation helped to put more than 60 cement shortages worldwide to an end.

Cement Shipping

A subsidiary company of Seament is called Seabulk Shipping, and it was brought about by Alex Bouri and his employees when the global demand for cement increased at an exponential speed. For a while, Seabulk Shipping was the only company able to ship to certain nations, but other companies in the industry have since adopted their strategy.