How to Hire Effective Employees

Ask any business owner and they will tell you that hiring efficient employees is one of the hardest parts of their job.  Just ask Alex F. Bouri, owner of Seament, a global company that has to hire reliable and competent employees in the United States as well as Istanbul, Greece, and Albania.  Use the tips below to help you find a staff that will help keep your company strong and growing.


  • Don’t Hire Friends (unless they’re qualified).  Sometimes when people start a business they want to be helpful and loyal by hiring friends and family.  In some cases the fit is perfect, however, other times it turns into a huge nightmare.  It’s important to only hire friends and family if they’re qualified for the position and have a successful work history doing the job. Things can get very ugly if you have to let go of a family member or friend because they aren’t able to fulfill the job duties of their position due to inexperience.
  • Ask Experts to Get Involved in the Hiring Process.  If you’re hiring for a position that you’re not an expert in, then it’s highly suggested to ask someone who is to get involved in the hiring process. For example, does an engineer really understand the job responsibilities of a marketing executive?  Work with a field expert to help develop the job description and ask them to sit in on interviews (or help you come up with interview questions). You’re likely to get highly qualified and dedicated employees when you get experts involved in your hiring process.
  • Look for a Good Fit.  Although it’s important to hire people who are established in their field, it’s just as important to hire employees that will be a good fit for your company.  Consider the staff you already have and try to figure out why the team works so well together.  Further, think about what your team is missing.  Perhaps you’re looking for someone who is a good cheerleader if your team is lacking a motivating personality.  The “right fit” is going to be different for every company but it’s important to consider because a positive team environment is the number one way to retain great employees.


Owner of Seament, Alex F. Bouri, understands the importance of a faithful staff, which is why he keeps the above tips in mind each time he hires a new employee.